Our Team

Established relationships, innovative thinking and unmatched creativity.

Intimate knowledge of the operational intricacies of the Club stores like Costco and Sam’s Club. Deeply established personal and professional relationships steaming from years in the wholesale market. Innovative thinking and unmatched creativity. Our team brings it all together to deliver unsurpassed experience and thinking to create the perfect intersection of large firm connections and ideas with boutique agency attention to service and detail. It’s a recipe that allows us to provide breakthrough sales and marketing solutions to brands and products whether they are household names or new-to-market.

Jonathan Smith President & Founder

Jonathan brings over 32 years of experience in the consumer packaged goods and wholesale industries to every effort. Drawing from his time as Costco Wholesale’s General Manager for the U.S. region and Director of Operations for the Taiwan region, Jonathan is able to lend a truly unique degree of insight at every stage of the process. Since focusing on food brokerage, Jonathan has helped build powerhouse brands such as Stacy’s Pita Chips, Joint Juice®, Mrs.May’s Naturals®, popchips®, 5-hour ENERGY®, and Azuma Foods.

Jeremy Smith Chief Operations Officer & Co-Founder

After more than 30 years in strategic sales and marketing, Jeremy’s senior management and graphic arts resume reads like a roll call of iconic brands including Chobani, Acura, Bob’s Red Mill, Levi’s, J. Walter Thompson, Motorola, Paramount Pictures, and Apple Computer. His vast experience launching and building brands anchors Level One’s unique ability to provide high-level design and branding services, a vital asset for companies looking to become widely recognized nationally.

Joshua Smith Business Development Manager

More that 21 years in the retail industry for both manufacturers and Costco Wholesale have given Joshua the perspective and overall understanding that only comes from working on both sides of the equation. At Level One, this experience has enabled him to successfully minimize manufacturers’ expenses and manage millions of dollars of product sales through the club system.

Katie Drynkin Administrative Manager

Drawing from her background in banking, Katie manages the company’s internal governance policies and procedures as well as the human resources and customer service departments. From economics to logistics and accounting, Katie’s broad base of insight that makes her a vital piece of the Level One team.

Mark Belshaw Division Manager

Close Costco contacts and a strong understating of the club channel. These outstanding skills are Mark’s calling card and have enabled him to make a big impact since the day he joined Level One in 2010. Prior to joining Level One, Mark spent 11 years at Costco Wholesale gathering insider knowledge into the competitive marketplace and the pitfalls that products face in club stores while serving as Merchandising Manager and Assistant General Manager.

Maria Gentry Division Manager

Over 17 years in the food industry Maria has developed a staggering amount of knowledge regarding food sustainability and quality. After buying for conventional and natural foods supermarkets, she worked as Regional Sales Manager for manufactures of all natural, premium seafood and animal proteins. In the process, Maria developed strong partnerships with key retailers such as Whole Foods and Kroger.

Tony Festa Division Manager

Tony acts as our club sales process guru thanks to his extensive experience in both buying and sales. In his life prior to joining Level One, Tony served as regional sales executive for an advertising start up, successfully bringing in new advertisers when the company expanded into new states. The following four years were dedicated to Project Management, where he oversaw the Purchasing Department at Raymond Group and honed the skills now being put into action everyday for our partners.

Nicholas Smith Account Manager

From Costco Wholesale and OfficeMax to Longs/CVS, he brings more than 10 years of retail business experience to the Level One team. This experience gives him the deep understanding of sales, logistics, and customer service to provide more than just account management. It allows him to contribute the insight and experience vital to being a true partner to each client.

Adele Nader Account Manager

Adele’s customer services and account coordination experience is as impressive as it is extensive. After partnering with various leading IT and Technology companies as Inside Sale Representative and Coordinator at Milestone Technologies, Adele went on to work closely with tech heavyweights such as Cisco, nVidia and Intuit, to improve efficiency and create cost-savings.